"VGM Projects" LLC provides a wide range of professional services in the Construction and Development industries, including Project and Program Management, Construction Management, Construction Supervision and Consultancy. Our team that consists of Industry Professionals with different high - level qualifications and expertise is committed to run your project from the initiation to the closing phase using Project Management standards and Methodologies. We can be your eyes and ears on any stage of the project. Our experience, technical and organizational knowledge of the construction industry will always benefit our clients. We are dedicated to service excellence in meeting Project objectives. As an integrated development, construction, and management enterprise, we bring an owner’s perspective to our work, by applying project management and PMO practices in our projects to improve business performance. We deliver value for money by providing the highest standards of project management, utilizing our experienced project managers to realize business benefits and deliver projects to time, within the set budget and quality standards.



Project Management entails the successful delivery of a project from Initiation to Closing. To ensure the success of the project and minimize the risks, we provide an unrivaled global network and extensive expertise. Together with the Project Sponsor, we can develop feasibility study and business cases, coordinate, and manage every step of the ongoing project – from review, appraisal, procurement, verification, and inspection right through to testing and commissioning. Plus, our specialized teams of engineers and technicians offer independent expertise and advice, provides help in complying with regulatory and quality standards. As a Program Management Company, we formulate, organize, and monitor inter-connected projects, decide on suitable strategies and objectives, and coordinate cross-project activities.

Construction Management

Construction project management involves directing and organizing each part of the project life cycle, from initiation to completion. It’s a holistic practice with the goal of delivering projects on time and under budget. Construction project management is a complex discipline that requires addressing many important concerns, including cost control, scheduling, procurement, and risk assessment. We interact with all team members involved in a construction project, from architects to owners to contractors. We represent the owner’s interest and provides oversight over the entire project directly for the owner. Our goal is to ensure the entire construction process goes smoothly and according to plan. We take responsibility of maintaining a tight schedule, staying within budget, allocating resources, avoiding scope creep, and ensuring quality. We assess risks in real time and keep stakeholders informed. By centralizing information and streamlining communication, our project managers enable efficient processes that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.


In the field of Construction supervision , we provide continuous oversight and inspection, and coordination of the work in a timely, professional, competent manner to ensure compliance with the approved construction documents, contract documents, applicable regulations, project schedule, and all other applicable requirements, in-line with Project Management Institute guidelines.

We provide you with professional construction supervision, specifically tailored to safeguard the successful completion of your project. Our highly experienced personnel, placed permanently on site, can effectively control, and supervise every aspect of your construction work.

As an independent third-party consultant engineering team, we can help you:

• Keep your construction project on schedule, reduce technical risks and prevent construction errors through our continuous supervision

• Ensure site supervision of construction works (quality, schedule, and budget), in accordance with technical and construction legal requirements

• Complete and issue all documents, certificates, and declarations

• Perform testing materials, systems, and installations

• Implement non-destructive testing supervision

• Writing up reports, budgets, project plans, and presenting them to relevant stakeholders

• Prepare and accumulate as-built documentation, as well as implement delivered documentation supervision

• Carry out facility management and maintenance supervision of infrastructure and building


Keeping up-to-date on the latest environmental standards, durable construction methods, and health and safety regulations requires constant research. Our technical consultancy services provide you with the latest knowledge and expertise, enabling you to move forward to your success. Our consultancy services cover structural design, analysis, project management, construction management, contracts, and surveying. As a leading provider of technical consultancy services for the construction industry, we understand importance of obtaining technical knowledge and experience of the sphere.

Our Consultancy services consist of a range of provisions, including:

• Implementation of business case development and feasibility study

• Technical and legal advice, and assessment consulting throughout the project lifecycle, from the idea till closing

• Making project on FIDIC based Contracts

• Project management consultancy for building, industrial and infrastructure facilities

• Program management consultancy for infrastructure development plans

• Leading the projects, following international standards and trendy frameworks



Design and Construction of a Multifunctional Business Center “DALAN TECHNOLOGIES”

A class, LEED Certified, BOMA Standard Multifunctional Business Center in Yerevan for IT Companies and Financial Sector

Contract Type: PM Consultancy Contract

Employer: UBS, 1SQ Projects

Beneficiary: “Dalan Technologies” LLC

Funding: N/A

Contract Duration: 2021-2025 est.

Total Project Area: 150,000 m2


Contract Type: General Contracting (FIDIC Red Book)

Employer: "Water Sector Projects Implementation Unit“

Beneficiary: Government of the RA

Funding: KFW

Contract Duration: 2021-2022

Total Project Area: Gegharkunik and Syunik Marzes

Modernization of Meghri Border Crossing Point

Technical Consultancy within General Contractor and Project Supervisor Tendering Process

Contract Type: Consultancy Contract

Employer: EBRD

Beneficiary: SRC of the RA

Funding: EBRD, EU

Contract Duration: 2020-2021

Total Project Area: 8.5 Ha


Modernization of Bagratashen, Bavra, Gogavan Border Crossing Points (MBBG)

Contract Type: General Contracting (FIDIC Yellow Book)

Engagement: Project Management

Employer: UNDP Armenia

Beneficiary: SRC of RA

Funding: EIB, EBRD

Contract Duration: 2013 –2017

Total Project Area: 25 HA

Buildings and Structures: 15,000 m2

Roads and Platforms: 100,000 m2

Construction Works within Amulsar Gold Mine Project

Construction of Networks and Utilities for Amulsar Gold Mine Project, fit-out works for Industrial Buildings and Storage Premises, various construction activities.

Contract Type: Subcontract

Engagement: Project Management, Construction

Employer: Lydian Armenia CJSC

Beneficiary: Lydian International

Funding: Lydian International

Contract Duration: 2017 -2018

Total Project Area: Gas Pipeline –14 km, Buildings -4,000 sqm

Office Relocation for CISCO Local Personnel

Management of Design and Build Contract for CISCO Armenian Office Personnel Relocation to new premises in AUA Aleq Manukyan Building. Works included selection of Architect and Contractor’s team under CISCO International Standards for design and construction works.

Contract Type: General Contracting (FIDIC White Book)

Engagement: Project Management

Employer: CISCO International

Beneficiary: CISCO IW LLC

Funding: CISCO International

Contract Duration: 2017 –2018

Total Project Area: 500 m2

Engineering Systems and Utilities Construction for Digitain New Office

Engineering Systems and Utilities Construction for Digitain New Office

Management of Construction Activities for Engineering Systems Construction including HVAC Systems, Fire Fighting, BIM for Digitain New Building on Isakov avenue.

Contract Type: Subcontract

Engagement: Project Management

Employer: Consel LLC

Beneficiary: Digitain Armenia

Funding: Digitain Armenia

Contract Duration: 2019 –2020

Total Project Area: 5,000 m2

Row Water and Sewage Pipeline Construction Works

Management of Construction Activities for Networks and Utilities for Yerevan Combined Cycle Power Plant 2

Engagement: Project Management, Construction

Contract Type: Subcontract (FIDIC Yellow Book)


Beneficiary: ArmPower

Funding: ArmPower

Contract Duration: 2019 –2020

Total Project Area: Tranches and Pipelines 2 km

Vehicle’s Custom Terminal in Gyumri (SRC North Custom)

Management and Construction Activities (SP installation, fencing, Pumping Station, HVAC and Other Engineering Communications) for New Custom Point in Gyumri for Imported Vehicles

Contract Type: Subcontract

Engagement: Project Management, Contractor

Employer: SRC of RA

Beneficiary: SRC of RA

Funding: State

Contract Duration: 2019 –2020

Total Project Area: 5000 m2of buildings

Design and Construction of Duty Free Shop in Bagratashen Custom Point

Design, Construction and Management Activities (turn key) for Bagratashen Duty Free Shop

Contract Type: General Contracting

Engagement: Project Management, Construction

Employer: Duty Free Alliance

Beneficiary: Duty Free Alliance

Funding: Private

Contract Duration: 2019

Total Project Area: 350 m2

Design and Construction of Pumping Station for the New Embassy of the Republic of China

Design, Construction and Management Activities (turn-key) for Pumping Station in the territory of New Embassy of the republic of China

Contract Type: Subcontract

Engagement: Project Management, Construction

Employer: Delta Construction

Beneficiary: Embassy of the republic of China

Funding: Private

Contract Duration: 2020

Total Project Area: 120 m2


We have a diverse team all with various Professional Qualifications. Our experience and technical knowledge of the building industry will always benefit our clients. We are committed to service excellence in meeting Project objectives. Together we’re generous with our knowledge, work to solve problems and take pride in each other’s success as much as our own. It’s the unique contribution of all our colleagues working together that makes us successful. We value our diversity and are committed to creating a company where people feel valued, safe and at our best.

Yervand Hovhannisyan


Having Industrial Engineering background with over 15 years of professional experience in Large Scale Civil Construction, Urban Development, Infrastructure and Industrial Projects, Yervand is a Certified Project Manager (PMP®), with practical usage of FIDIC Contracts, well known in the Construction Industry. His rich experience and personal qualifications make him a dream partner, that one can rely on. Projects delivered by Yervand are always transparent, on time, on budget and within the defined scope, set by the Clients. He is a trustworthy Partner, ideal Leader and a motivating Visioner. Yervand is the engine of the Team!

Andranik Hovhannisyan

Civil Engineer/Project Manager

A Construction Project Manager with Civil Engineering background and with more than 13 years of vast experience in successful completion of various complex international construction projects under FIDIC suite. Andranik is a guru of complicated projects with road, water supply and sewerage networks and treatment plants, engineering systems and landscaping. He is an enthusiastic and hardworking professional with strong project management and leadership skills. Andranik is the motivator of the Team!

Anna Galstyan

PR and Marketing Director

Anna is a skilled marketing and public relations professional with 15 years of experience in developing and executing proactive, effective and integrated marketing strategies that bring revenue, brand recognition, media coverage and loyalty. Demonstrating leadership, sound business judgment, decisiveness and extraordinary communication skills, Anna drives Marketing and PR department of VGM. Her flexibility and developed soft skills, as well as project management background make her a team player, with a unique attitude towards development of construction project management culture of the Company.  Anna is the inspiration of the Team!

Antonio Halwaji

Civil Engineer/Project Manager

A highly self-motivated, focused and innovative Civil Engineer with experience in engineering design from initial conceptual stage and feasibility study to the detailed final design. Antonio has a passion for learning and developing new and existing skills, enjoying problem solving, using established analytical methods, and engineering principals. A progressive and fearless young man with fresh ideas, new approaches and innovative solutions. Antonio is the Fresh power of the Team!

Tatev Atoyan

Contract Manager/Project Manager

Tatevik is a mission-oriented team player and highly successful contract manager with a proven ability to establish and negotiate the contractual agreements of the company, as well as developing innovative contracting approaches to achieve positive outcomes for users of services.  By applying obtained knowledge in legislative requirements and skills in project management to bring success in the company, Tatevik is also aimed to provide client satisfaction by accurately assessing their needs, providing excellent service and results all throughout the duration of a contract. Her 10 years of experience empowered her with valuable knowledge of the industry, with practical use of FIDIC contracts. Tatevik is the focus of the Team!

Anna Sandoyan


Creative and self-driven design professional with 10 + years of experience creating and delivering elegant, innovative design solutions that excite consumers and grow iconic brands. Anna is skilled in leading multiple projects from concept to completion. She maintains proactive communication with clients and manages multiple projects simultaneously. Anna works closely with the director, copywriters, and other members of the marketing team to continuously level up the brands and develop new projects. Anna is the creativity of the Team!


PMI Institute

The Project Management Institute is the top project management organization in the world. It gives standards which help you manage projects, programs, portfolio and organizational approach. PMI provides project management professionals with the ability to improve their skillset. This, in turn, helps them to meet the demands of projects in their career as it progresses. The Project Management Institute also sets the standard for what the industry expects of project managers, which helps when moving from one company to another. Within the institute, there are several different certifications you can receive.


FIDIC, the International Federation of Consulting Engineers, is the global representative body for national associations of consulting engineers and represents over one million engineering professionals and 40,000 firms in more than 100 countries worldwide. FIDIC, in the furtherance of its goals, publishes international standard forms of contracts for works and for clients, consultants, sub-consultants, joint ventures and representatives, together with related materials such as standard pre-qualification forms.


Founded in 1907, the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International is a federation of U.S. local associations and global affiliates. The leading trade association for commercial real estate professionals for more than 100 years, it represents the owners, managers, service providers and other property professionals of all commercial building types, including office, industrial, medical, corporate and mixed-use. BOMA International is the partner individuals in the commercial real estate industry choose to maximize value for their careers, organizations and assets. Its mission is to advance a vibrant commercial real estate industry through advocacy, influence and knowledge.


LEED certification, developed by the U.S. Green Building Council, provides a framework for green building design, construction, operations and performance. Built-in strategies and related outcomes help buildings and spaces determine what is most important, set sustainability goals and then go on to achieve those goals. Nearly 100,000 projects are participating in LEED across 180+ countries and territories, comprising over 24 billion square feet. 


The "Armenian Association of Developers" is a non-governmental organization which unites more than thirty member construction companies. One of the main goals of the Armenian Developers Association is to protect the interests of RA developers, to promote cooperation between RA construction participants, to increase the transparency of the construction field, to participate in construction legislative initiatives, to identify and raise issues in the construction field, and to suggest possible solutions.